Apply for an extension

You may apply to extend your candidature once you have completed study for the duration listed against your degree in the Handbook.

  1. You apply to extend your candidature as part of your progress review meeting with your supervisors and advisory committee.
  2. Complete the progress review form (sent to you by your Graduate School) with your advisory committee and return it to your graduate research administrator.

Apply for an extension


  • Extensions are usually for 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time.
  • It is not normally possible to extend your candidature beyond the maximum course duration (4 years full-time equivalent for a doctoral degree and 2 years full-time time equivalent for a masters by research degree).
  • If you have reached your maximum course duration, you may be permitted to remain enrolled if you meet the criteria for approved late submission.

International students

Check requirements regarding renewing your student visa before you apply.

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