Writing for Readers:
Preparing for Publication Beyond Academia


Writing for Readers is the Centre’s introductory workshop and aims to assist participants who are thinking about reworking their research for publication for a broader audience. It is a prerequisite for all other programs offered by the Centre.
The workshop presents participants with all the options available to them to communicate their exciting ideas to the general public. It looks at the writer as media ‘talent’ and offers a tried and tested route from research to newspapers to magazines to books. It also explores on-line writing and other less traditional outcomes such as exhibitions and documentaries.

There are practical elements to the workshop which is split over two separate days and participants are required to write during the sessions and to undertake writing assignments between the two days.


Round 3, 2013: Tuesday 15 & Thursday 17 October

Applications Close: 09:00 AM Friday 11 October


Academic staff currently employed by The University of Melbourne, AND/OR Students currently enrolled in a graduate research degree at The University of Melbourne OR alumni who have completed a graduate research degree at The University of Melbourne within the past 3 years.


Selection is competitive with applications judged on the quality of the research and writing style as demonstrated in the 500-word submission. Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application during the week prior to the commencement of the course.


Apply Online for Writing for Readers.