Managing Data @Melbourne for HASS: Information session and workshop 

For all graduate researchers

Arts-West Building
Digital Lab (level 2), via West Lifts

Researchers from all disciplines accumulate data as part of their research practice. This data can comprise a variety of forms: notes and documentation, interviews, images, archival records, surveys, and much more. Good research data management planning keeps your data secure, allows you to find and access it easily, and can verify research outcomes. It also supports your future research by enabling you and others to share and reuse your data. In this session designed for researchers in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), we will explore key issues around managing your research data and some of the services available at the University that can help. To get the most out of this workshop we recommend that participants complete the Managing Data @Melbourne program:

Presenters: Kristian Causovski, Amy Perkins