Project Management for PhD's

Harold White Theatre 757 Swanston Street (Stop 1)


Project management is a vastly transferrable and highly sought-after skillset that can open doors to careers in almost any field. The ability to effectively manage projects is a huge asset in today’s competitive job market, which graduate researchers are in a prime position to practice and refine during their candidature. The movement into and out of academia as a career path is also a lot more fluid these days, with industry, government or project management experience informing research, policy and practice and vice versa.

This session will encourage participants to think more broadly about the sorts of career paths they might seek, and also to view the skills they learn in doing a PhD in a different light. In this seminar you will hear from four speakers with PhDs who have extensive experience working both within and outside of academia. They will share their experiences of managing projects in professional contexts ranging from small NGOs to international consultancies.

Panellists will discuss what ‘projects’ are, what skills and tools may be used in managing projects, and how to learn, apply and communicate this experience to potential employers. This seminar is relevant to graduate researchers at all stages of candidature.

Presented by the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (MCSHE)