So, you're graduating your PhD in a Pandemic. What's next?

Via Zoom

APR.Intern and Associate Professor Inger Mewburn, known as @TheThesisWhisperer to 100,000+ social media and blog followers, are partnering to host an informative webinar addressing COVID-19's impact on PhD research careers.  

Join us as Professor Mewburn uses a series of data snapshots to highlight emerging career opportunities and research trends, revealing how you can leverage your PhD skills beyond the academic sector.

Participants will come away with an:

  • Understanding of the changed academic job market.
  • Awareness of career opportunities within government and industry; which sectors are looking for research talent?
  • Overview of APR.Intern; how to leverage your research skills in a new environment and enhance your CV through a 3-6 month paid industry internship.

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