Doctoral Academy on Demystifying Government

Room 920, Level 9, Melbourne Law School


The inaugural Melbourne School of Government Doctoral Academy will position PhD candidates to better understand the inner workings of government, and how to influence political decision-makers.

The Academy has been designed to provide PhD students with a deeper insight into the workings of government. As part of this, we will be exploring ‘how government works’. What are the processes, systems, and structures through which political decisions are made? What is the best way to influence public policy? What are the ‘hot button’ issues in public management? And what skills are needed to affect change?

The Academy will run over three days, from 1 – 3 July 2019. It will include a series of one hour workshops and seminars. The first day will provide students with skills and knowledge in the machinations of government. The second day will delve deeper into key issues currently on the minds of policymakers. The final day will provide students with an opportunity for peer review and critique of their work.

All applicants will need to have been confirmed, and will also need approval from their supervisor.

Applications should be received by 20 May 2019.