Working with images: an overview (Webinar)

Are you planning to use images (including photos, diagrams, artworks or illustrations) or videos in your next publication, research thesis, blog post or conference presentation? When you publish or share your work (online or in print), you need to consider whether the images in your work are copyright compliant, and how to protect your own creative rights.
This workshop is designed for graduate research students, supervisors, and early career researchers, providing an overview of issues that may arise when working with images and other non-textual material. Topics covered include:
*When to think about fair dealing and copyright compliance relating to images
*How to search for and find copyright compliant images (e.g. creative commons and public domain material)
*What information to keep track of and how to credit images.

This session relates to: Digital Imaging Workshops (101, 102, 103) on technical aspects of handling images; Copyright and your thesis, Public access and your thesis.