TES Examiner FAQs

The Thesis Examination System (TES), allows for the secure online management of graduate research thesis submission and examination. Examiners can download the thesis to examine and submit their report, recommendation and payment details. The following FAQs are for examiners who are examining a graduate research thesis for the University of Melbourne.


  • Why can't I log into TES?

    Check the email that we sent you inviting you to examine the thesis. Your username is your email address and your password are within the email.  Please type the username and password as they appear (avoid copying and pasting).

    If you are unable to locate the email, please check your junk email folder and then add or allow this email address as a safe sender, allowing receipt of future emails.  If you have been nominated for more than one examination your password will be the most recent password that we have allocated to you as it updates for each nomination.

    If you are still unable to locate your login credentials, you can reset your password on the TES homepage (note your username is your email address).  If you are still unable to login contact the Examinations Office by replying to the email that was sent to you.

  • Why do I need to respond to the invitation to examine the thesis when I have already agreed with the supervisor?

    We ask that you confirm your willingness to examine the thesis for three reasons:

    1. So that we can confirm that you do not have a conflict of interest
    2. So that we can confirm your identity and contact details
    3. So that we can inform you what the next steps in the examination will be once the thesis has been submitted
  • When I click on ‘View and Download a Thesis’ there are no links to the thesis. How do I get a copy of the thesis?

    It is possible that the thesis has not yet been submitted. You will receive a separate email once the invitation has been accepted, indicating the thesis is ready to download. If you have already responded to the invitation to examine, and the email from the Examinations Office indicates that the thesis is ready to be downloaded, please contact the Examinations Office.

  • There is an error after I click submit or there is no acknowledgement that the form has been submitted. What do I do?

    You should see a final page acknowledging that it has been received. If not it could be because you have not completed one of the required questions. Errors in red text will indicate this at the top or bottom of the page and if you then answer those questions and click submit the form should be accepted. If the error is not resolved, please take a screenshot and email the Examinations Office with the candidate’s name and student number.

  • Will I receive payment for examining this thesis?

    Yes. To recognize the efforts of examiners, the University offers a small payment, and this amount is listed on the page where you submit your report.

    You will have the option of submitting payment details at the time of submitting your report.  There is also the option of providing account details after submitting your report by returning and selecting the ‘Upload my Report or Provide Payment Details’ tab in TES.

    Receipt of payment into the nominated bank account you have provided is approximately 3-5 working days for an Australian bank account or for an overseas bank account, approximately 10 working days.  The payment terms are longer where an ABN is provided to an organization.

    For some overseas bank accounts, a link to our financial services provider, Convera, will be provided shortly after the receipt of the report.

  • What browser should I use to access TES?

    TES supports most modern browsers and a complete list can be viewed here.

Submitting the report

  • Can I submit a marked electronic copy of the thesis for the graduate researcher?

    Yes. When submitting your report you will have the option of providing a link to a document that is stored on a cloud storage option (e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox). You may also provide a marked copy of the thesis via email to the Examinations Office.

  • There is an option to submit additional comments to the University. What reasons would I have for doing this?

    It is not a requirement to submit additional comments beyond your report. However, examiners may want to make specific comments to the Chair of Examiners or the University about the candidate, thesis or examination process, which are not appropriate for inclusion within the report on the thesis.