Perfectionism and self-doubt

If you're struggling with feelings of self-doubt, imposter syndrome or perfectionism, you're not alone. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy and say things to yourself that you would never say to anyone else. The first step to overcoming these unhelpful feelings is becoming aware of them. Developing resilience, grit and determination can help you push through when things are hard. Here's some things that may help:

Case study

Roman always saw himself as a perfectionist. He would spend hours checking and re-checking the same thesis chapters, correcting the smallest of things, only to change them back when he refused to settle with the work he had done. Roman had registered his ‘Intention to Submit’ via TES and knew his thesis submission date was getting closer but struggled to convince himself that the work already completed was good enough.

Roman’s supervisor noticed the growing doubt in one of their meetings and reassured him that his completed work was ready for examination. In fact, his supervisor said it was perfectly normal to feel this way as researchers want to produce quality research and publications. Roman was also reminded that if he kept putting off his submission, he would reach his maximum submission date and be unable to submit his thesis on time.

This prompted Roman to engage in a chat with Counselling and Psychological Services who helped him learn how to manage these emotions, and feel proud about successfully writing up and submitting a thesis for examination.