Problems with academic communication and writing

Writing and communicating research at both an academic and lay persons level can be tricky. The ability to disseminate the results of research and scholarship by oral and written communication can be daunting - but very rewarding. Here's some tips to help:

  • Don’t rely on your supervisors to teach you how to write about and present your research
  • Academic Skills run workshops, one-on-one sessions, and can help you organise a writing circle. They have also established a Thesis Writers’ Community on LMS that provides additional information and support.
  • Visit the blog The Thesis Whisperer for good ideas from other graduate researchers

Case study

Pei Yi wanted to polish up on her presentation skills for her upcoming completion seminar but wasn’t sure where to turn to for advice. She was feeling anxious about presenting her research findings, despite having presented in front of her advisory committee before.

Pei Yi then discovered the 'Thesis Writer’s Circle' in her faculty, the Thesis Writers’ Community on LMS and the resources and many workshops run by the Academic Skills Unit on various topics including writing skills. She also booked an appointment with an academic skills adviser to help her go through her presentation structure for the completion seminar.