Procrastination and time management

If you're struggling with procrastination and time management, you're not alone! To manage procrastination, the time you spend studying needs to be as productive as possible. You can feel very busy doing small or unimportant tasks while avoiding the important ones. Here's some strategies and resources that may help:

Case study

Sanjay used to find himself delaying completion of important milestones, like progress reviews. He would often find other unrelated tasks to complete and would consider himself as ‘being busy’ and ‘productive’ when in fact he was putting off the real task at hand.

When Sanjay failed to meet expectations on his latest progress review, he was informed that his enrolment and scholarship may be cancelled if he continued to make unsatisfactory progress and that he had to be more alert to the expectations to meet progress requirements.

After this, Sanjay was able to have a good chat with his supervisor on how to better manage his procrastination tendencies, to not jeopardise his scholarship and his ability to continue his studies.