Committees, groups and networks

Higher Degree Research Committee (HDRC)

The Higher Degree Research Committee (HDRC) is responsible for advising the Academic Board on all matters of policy relating to graduate research degrees (courses in which the research component is at least 66%), including the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and Masters by research.

Committee of Graduate Research Associate Deans (CGRAD)

The Committee of Graduate Research Associate Deans (CGRAD) coordinates the delivery of graduate research across the University. CGRAD serves as a forum through which the Faculties and Graduate Schools can discuss policies and share best practices, identify opportunities and threats with key University stakeholders including Chancellery Research and Enterprise, Student and Scholarly Services, and the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education (M-CSHE).

For more information, please contact the Executive Officer

Graduate Research Managers Advisory Group (GRMAG)


To function as an advisory group, to provide input to, and feedback on, CGRAD and RHDC's proposed strategies and policies, consider their implementation in relation to resources and planning and act as a conduit to faculty general managers on research training matters. GRMAG was established originally as the RHD Managers Group in September 2008.

Terms of reference and membership

Download the full terms of reference and details of the group's membership.

For more information please contact the group's Executive Officer Russell Wilkinson.

Graduate Research Administrator Network (GRAN)

GRAN is a forum for professional staff across all areas of the University who work with graduate researchers - including academic divisions, and Student and Scholarly Services staff. The network meets bi-monthly for professional development and to collaborate on, and share best practice across, all aspects of research training administration. Each meeting is hosted by academic divisions who have paired up to host and present skills development sessions for their colleagues.

For enquires please contact Graduate Research (University Services).