Tenured Study Spaces (TSS) Usage Guidelines

Conditions of Occupancy

  1. You must comply with University policies in regards to your conduct, including but not limited to the Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy and Student Conduct Policy.
  2. As an occupant you are required to:
  1. Attend OH&S/Induction session run by Stop1 prior to occupying your study space;
  2. Check your University student email account regularly (at least twice a week) to ensure reliable communication;
  3. Use space only for studies;
  4. Keep your space clean and tidy at all times. This includes removing rubbish and placing it in the appropriate bins, and storing all personal items in provided lockable pedestal and/or building lockers;
  5. Report any damage to study spaces via Snap Send Solve;
  6. Respond to any fire alarm by vacating the 1888 Building immediately and assembling at the designated emergency area near Grattan Street;
  7. Follow any reasonable instructions given to you by University and GSA staff, including when to vacate your study space;
  8. Contact the security office (8344 6666) if you have any safety, access or security issues;
  9. Immediately notify the Student Administration (Graduate Research) team via: gr-candidature@unimelb.edu.au of any variation to your enrolment status;
  10. Immediately notify the Student Administration (Graduate Research) team via: gr-candidature@unimelb.edu.au if you are no longer using the space for study purposes.
  1. You agree to periodic inspections to be conducted by facilities staff to ensure the room is being used correctly and is being kept in good condition. A notice period of 24 hours will be given before inspections are carried out. University staff reserve the right to enter any TSS space if deemed necessary.
  2. Under no circumstances should anyone other than approved occupants be invited to meet in a TSS. For discussions with colleagues, meeting spaces can be booked at: https://resourcebooker.unimelb.edu.au/
  3. Under no circumstances should occupants sleep in the TSS. The University’s Student Accomodation service can assist those having trouble finding accommodation: https://study.unimelb.edu.au/discover/accommodation.
  4. Persistent or serious breaches of these rules and policies, or inappropriate use of a study space, may result in one or more of the following:
  1. Revocation of study space occupancy;
  2. Being required to leave the 1888 Building;
  3. Being charged a fee to cover loss or damage to the study space or items within it;
  4. Referral to University student disciplinary processes;
  5. Notification of University security or police.

Tenured Study Space Shared Rooms

  1. Time-share TSS occupants are responsible for negotiating and documenting, if dispute resolution is needed, a fair and equitable use of the facility with roommates.
  2. Room-share TSS occupants, please remember that all occupants may use the TSS at the same time, so please take time to get to know one another, be mindful of each other’s work style/habits, negotiate space and respect boundaries.
  3. Please keep in mind that no TSS occupant owns the TSS.
  4. Communication is the key to successful TSS sharing. As part of a successful application occupants will be provided with the email addresses of those who are sharing the same study space (*only applicable if you have been allocated a time-shared space).

Tips for time-share TSS occupants

  1. It is a good idea to take into consideration the time/work commitments and work habits of your roommate(s).
  2. You might want to work out allocated blocks of time with your roomate(s). For example, the day can be broken up into three sections: morning (8am – 1pm), afternoon (1pm – 6pm) and evening (6pm – 11pm). Ensure that everyone has an equitable spread of time blocks. Please also note that the building is not accessible when the University closes for University holidays.
  3. Each TSS occupant is entitled to 3.5 days per week or equivalent where feasible.
  4. Discuss ahead of time the possibility of using the TSS on another occupant’s designated day when they haven’t shown up, ensuring respect of their rights and privacy.
  5. Inform TSS roommates in advance (whenever possible) when you will be absent during any of your designated times e.g. due to illness, to attend a local conference or due to work/teaching commitments. Note that you must advise gr-candidature@unimelb.edu.au of longer planned absences (see below).
  6. Make a regular time to review arrangements, be aware that individual circumstances may change. It is a requirement that any arrangements made are provided to all occupants in writing.

Absences during occupancy

  1. When you know you will be absent from your study space for 1 month or more, you must notify the Student Administration (Graduate Research) team via: gr-candidature@unimelb.edu.au at the time of your application, or as soon as possible.
  2. On your return you will be allocated a study space for the remainder of your occupancy period.

Moving out of a shared study space

  1. You must vacate your TSS and return your key by the approved end date. Please be aware of when this date is as the TSS is likely to have been offered to another graduate researcher who is waiting to move in. To enquire about your approved end date please contact the Student Administration (Graduate Research) team at: gr-candidature@unimelb.edu.au
  2. An application for an extension for a TSS (up to 6 months) can be requested. We ask that any applications for an extension are received in advance of the previously approved end date to avoid any disruption to a potential extension. Extensions can only be granted once.
  1. The Student Administration (Graduate Research) team reserves the right to grant a different or longer extension in special cases.
  1. You are expected to leave the space as you found it by removing all belongings, wiping down shelving and the desk.
  2. TSS keys must be returned to Stop 1 by the approved end date during office hours to finalise paperwork.
  3. If you fail to leave their TSS in a reasonable condition when vacating and/or who fail to return your key you will be liable to pay a $50 fee for the key and to subsidise any applicable cleaning or repair costs.

Please note that if you are found to be in breach of these rules you may risk being evicted from the Tenured Study Space.