Melbourne Research Experience Survey

MRES 2023 is now closed

Every two years we ask you for feedback on your research experience. The information you provide helps us identify areas of good performance and areas for improvement.

Take part and have your say

If you are a current graduate researcher who commenced prior to 1 January 2023, you will receive an email containing a link to the survey. Simply use the survey link to provide your feedback. The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Those who complete the survey by Monday 7 August 2023 have the option to be entered into a draw to win one $500 or one of five $100 Virtual Mastercard gift cards (available for use in Australia only).

You will be asked about your experience of supervision, the resources and support available to you. You will also have the opportunity to provide general comments about your graduate research experience.

Reporting from the MRES

Outcomes will be reported by faculty, and where appropriate by department or school. Results are not presented where there are fewer than five responses. More comprehensive reports of your views on supervision and support will be compiled and submitted to faculty leadership through the Committee of Graduate Research Associate Deans, to Academic Board through the Higher Degrees by Research Committee, and senior management.

You Said, We listened

Key initiatives undertaken by your faculty/graduate school since the 2021 survey.

  • Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning
    • Graduate research (GR) forums are now part of our standard offering, recorded and available on the Faculty GR LMS to provide information, connection and uplift across our GR cohort and for supervisors
    • Initiated an annual GR Work in Progress symposium
    • Initiated semester welcome events and end of year celebrations
    • Continued to expand the Faculty GR LMS as a source of information and guidance
    • Developed a research data management off boarding checklist to help GR and supervisors to make more compliant and effective decisions about how their data is stored and accessed.
  • Faculty of Arts
    • Established a Graduate Research Teaching Fellowship program to offer teaching opportunities and foster inclusion in professional activities
    • Developed an ethics application resource pack tailored to Arts candidates featuring an on-demand webinar, and guidance on timelines and the approval process
    • Created a Candidature Roadmap with targeted resources to help in planning and navigating key stages of the graduate research journey for a successful outcome
    • Revitalised on-campus engagement by facilitating candidate-led disciplinary and interdisciplinary cohort building activities and organising research practice workshops through ArtsModules.
  • Faculty of Business and Economics
    • Overhauled the FBE Admissions platform and processes to improve turnaround times for applicants
    • Launched the Listening Spaces project to facilitate safe and open discussion for all FBE graduate researchers on wide-ranging topics of importance to you
    • Included two health and wellbeing keynote speeches, career chats with alumni and opportunities for several graduating candidates to present their job market papers at the 2022 Celebration Event
    • Engaged with an informal reference group to continue the Listening Space conversations for Faculty action and response
    • Relaunched the FBE PhD Student Society with ongoing support for this peer-led and driven organisation including a dedicated space on Faculty premises
    • Improved processes to give you quicker access to your enhancement fund
    • We are improving supervisor inductions to support their FBE graduate researchers more effectively
    • We are launching soon, a dedicated LMS community for graduate researchers.
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
    • Developed re-activation experiences for face-to-face connections at the school, department and faculty level
    • Included you in the range of health, safety and wellbeing activities and support at FEIT
    • Welcomed you with coffee catch-ups as borders opened and you arrived, to continue and/or commence your graduate research programs
    • We continue to provide a monthly coffee drop-in to generate networking
    • Launched Research Matters Newsletter in 2022
    • Held focus groups to listen to and share information
    • Invited you to participate in the 2023 graduate research course review focus group
    • Asked alumni about how FEIT supported their non-academic career pathways
    • Facilitated more industry connections and held internship information sessions
    • We are launching FEIT’s Inaugural GR Showcase in October 2023 (an all-discipline event), inviting industry and future students to engage with your research
    • Developed more international Joint PhD programs, increasing opportunities for collaboration and mobility
    • Invited your participation at the online Catalyst Impact Lecture Series on Decoding Technology Trends.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
    • We are expanding the Graduate Assistantship Program to include more recipients and opening information sessions up to all candidates where possible
    • Moved the Graduate Research Symposium to a more accessible time of the year and tightened the program to give more candidates opportunities to present
    • Holding weekly Shut Up and Write sessions to assist thesis writing
    • Provided various support schemes including the Faculty Graduate Researcher Fund Award in Music to support publication of research, and support for music recording.
  • Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
    • Invested in a MDHS Faculty strategic initiative to enhance personnel and support dedicated to the GR experience
    • Developed a MDHS grant scheme to support staff and graduate researcher-led events and development opportunities
    • Established a MDHS Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Research Supervision to recognise and highlight best practice in graduate research supervision
    • Initiated a MDHS Orientation Day for commencing graduate researchers
    • Established a MDHS Graduate Research Experience and Wellbeing Committee.
  • Faculty of Science
    • Introduced monthly induction sessions for newly enrolled graduate researchers
    • Redesigned our annual Advisory Committee Chair workshop, to ensure the Faculty’s chairs are ready and able to support graduate researchers’ wellbeing and academic progress
    • Launched the inaugural Action on Environment and Sustainability Conference in 2022 for graduate researchers to present their own research, network with their peers and hear from academic and industry experts
    • Held biannual wellbeing seminars, delivered by an experienced psychologist, to cultivate skills in maintaining a healthy wellbeing
    • Introduced an additional Thesis Boot Camp for late-stage graduate researchers to make available three boot camps per year
    • Introduced a Booting Up Your Thesis workshop for early-stage graduate researchers
    • Organised a weekly Science GR Peer Writing Group, a group writing session for you to support each other toward thesis writing goals.
  • Melbourne Graduate School of Education
    • Created more scholarship opportunities for graduate researchers (GR) – Melbourne Research Scholarships and Melbourne Strategic Scholarships
    • Providing up to $2000 per year to support your career development through opportunities to present at conferences and/or conduct research fieldwork, for transcription and thesis editing
    • Introduced a Thesis to Publication Reward Scheme of $1000 per publication to assist you to submit quality journal articles on your research (capped at $3000 for doctoral candidates and $1000 for Masters candidates)
    • Set minimum expectations for GR supervision across academic levels
    • Held monthly hybrid Shut Up & Write sessions
    • We are holding an annual Research & GR Conference
    • Created the MGSE Graduate Researcher Community (MGSE GRC) to create a connected and thriving community for all graduate researchers in the School
    • We are holding biannual celebratory and networking opportunities and to enhance research culture.
  • Melbourne Law School
    • Launched a new Research Fellowship scheme that provides employment opportunities for our graduate researchers, including mentoring, research administrative experience and professional development supporting MLS Research Hubs
    • Introduced a Max Planck Law Institutes and Melbourne Law School Exchange Program: each year we send two MLS researchers to Germany for three months and bring two MPLI researchers to Melbourne for the same duration
    • Established tailored Graduate Research Professional Skills sessions for late-stage candidates to support transition to careers in academic and non-academic sectors
    • Developed a Supervisor Support Program that includes briefing sessions on best practice, mentoring and student wellbeing.

Reporting inappropriate behaviour

Occasionally, survey respondents wish to make the University aware of concerning or inappropriate behaviour they have experienced or witnessed. We encourage you to contact the Safer Community Program in the first instance. They can provide advice and support, including on what to do if you would like to make a formal report.

You can also speak anonymously if you choose to do so, through our Speak Safely Portal.

Visit this page for further information on the University’s commitment to a safe, inclusive and respectful community and the actions we are taking.