Academic writing and communication skills

Your academic writing and communication skills are a crucial part of your studies and essential skills to have in the workplace, regardless of your chosen career. Outlined below are a number of courses, opportunities and techniques available that help you to develop and enhance these skills. The Academic Skills page is a good place to start if you're unsure about certain skills or tasks.

Upcoming programs and opportunities to assist you with your writing and communication skills are listed on the Graduate Research professional development and training portal.

English language help

  • Academic Skills has a quiz for students who are non-native speakers of English. Take the quiz to find out which workshop will best suit your needs.
  • Browse AIRport for useful modules about writing, referencing and edit.

Writing programs

There are many opportunities to hone your academic writing skills. Writing workshops, programs and sessions designed to support your thesis writing include:

  • Developing graduate academic writing: An Academic Skills interactive short course that focuses on the process of writing and the skills required by graduate researchers.
  • Shut Up & Write: A group writing session that uses the effective Pomodoro technique.

Communicating my research

Both your graduate research studies and your future career require effective communication and presentation skills. The following list of resources, workshops and programs are designed to help you improve these skills:

  • Speaking and Presenting: Resources for presenting your research, using PowerPoint to your advantage, presenting at conferences and helpful videos on presenting effectively
  • Research Impact Library Advisory Service (RILAS): Helps you to determine the impact of your publications and other research outputs for academic proportions and grant applications
  • Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT): Research communication competition that requires you to deliver a compelling oration on your thesis topic and its significance in just three minutes or less.

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