How to cancel a form in my.unimelb

This is a step by step guide on how to cancel forms that you do not intend to submit for approval

Please note that this guide doesn’t apply if:

  • A request form has already been submitted or;
  • If a form is created for a leave of absence or to withdraw from your course.

In the above instances, you will be unable to cancel this request. Please contact your faculty’s graduate research administrator and provide the form ID and form name (ie. Request Change of Study Rate #12345), telling them form was submitted or created in error and should be rejected.

If you have a form already started or opened that is not a leave or withdrawal request, and you do not intend to submit for approval because:

a. another form has been submitted for the same request, or;
b. the requested changes are no longer needed

follow the instructions below

1. Log into my.unimelb

2. Click on Graduate Research tab

eStudent screenshot with GR tab circled

3. Click on Graduate Research Forms Portal button. This will open a new tab where you can view your submitted and in progress forms.

eStudent screenshot with arrow pointing at GR forms portal

4. Click on the Responses tab.

StudentOne screenshot with Responses tab circled

5. Click on the title of the student form with a status of Yet to be submitted that you wish to cancel.

StudentOne screenshot with Yet to be Submitted status circled

6. Click on the View button.

StudentOne screenshot with View button circled

7. This will open a new window with a full page view of the form, you can now click on the Edit button to update the form details.

StudentOne screenshot with Edit button circled

8. Locate the Cancel Form checkbox and tick the box. It will be on page one of the three-page form.

StudentOne screenshot with Cancel Form checkbox circled

9. Click the Save button.

StudentOne screenshot with arrow pointing at Save button

10. Go to page three of the form and click on the Submit for Processing button.

StudentOne screenshot with Submit for Processing button circled

11. The form’s status has now been updated to Cancelled.

StudentOne screenshot with Cancelled status circled