The Chancellor's Prize

Chancellor's Prize

The Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis is awarded each year to up to six nominees. A seventh award may be made to an Indigenous candidate. You are eligible for nomination if you completed your degree in the previous year.

Nominations are made by faculties on the basis of:

  • International recognition and impact of the research
  • Publications or other research outputs  that arise from or relate to your thesis
  • Recognition of the research (by professional organisations, prizes and awards, invitations to conferences, etc).

Preference is given to theses that are passed without amendment. Theses passed with minor changes may also be considered.

Winners (2023)

Humanities, Creative Arts and Social Sciences

  • Simona CASTRICUM (Architecture, Building and Planning)

'What if Safety Becomes Permanent? Architecture and Music as a Site of Transing'

  • Claire Louise PARNELL (School of Culture and Communications)

'Platform publishing in the entertainment ecosystem: Experiences of marginalised authors on Amazon and Wattpad'

Science and Engineering

  • Heyou ZHANG (School of Chemistry)

'Direct Assembly of Single Nanocrystal Arrays'

  • Lucy Amelia SPARROW (School of Computing and Information Systems)

'The ethics of multiplayer gameplay and design'

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

  • Divyangana RAKESH (Department of Psychiatry)

'Associations between early adversity, brain development, and mental health during adolescence'

  • Victoria Ximena SORIANO HARRIS (Department of Paediatrics)

'Early life oral exposures as risk factors for food allergy and the impact of infant feeding guidelines'

  • Shawana ANDREWS (Department of Social Work)

‘Cloaked in Strength’ An exploration of Aboriginal mothers’ experiences of family violence and the role of cultural practice as a tool of engagement, resilience and resistance'

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