The Chancellor's Prize

Chancellor's Prize

The Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis is awarded each year to up to six nominees. A seventh award may be made to an Indigenous student. You are eligible for nomination if you completed your degree in the previous year.

Nominations are made by faculties on the basis of:

  • International recognition and impact of the research
  • Publications or other research outputs  that arise from or relate to your thesis
  • Recognition of the research (by professional organisations, prizes and awards, invitations to conferences, etc).

Preference is given to theses that are passed without amendment. Theses passed with minor amendments may also be considered.

Winners (2019)

Humanities, Creative Arts and Social Sciences

  • Katherine Anne Bell O'Connor (Melbourne Graduate School of Education)
    "Remaking the university curriculum: what counts as knowledge in new forms of online learning"
  • Tyne Daile Sumner (Culture and Communication)
    "Lyric Eye: the poetics of twentieth-century surveillance"

Science and Engineering

  • Andrew Elvey Price (Mathematics and Statistics)
    "Selected problems in enumerative combinatorics: permutation classes, random walks and planar maps"
  • Michela Mariani (Resource Management and Geography)
    "Palaeofire activity in western Tasmania: climate drivers and landÔÇÉcover changes"

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

  • Joshua Ross Foreman (Ophthalmology Eye and Ear Hospital)
    "The prevalence and causes of vision impairment and blindness in Australia: the National Eye Health Survey"
  • Gabrielle Haeusler (The Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology)
    "Fever and neutropenia in children with cancer: optimising clinical research and the delivery of care in Australia"

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