Orientation and induction

Welcome to Graduate Research at the University of Melbourne!

At Melbourne we’re here to support you throughout your candidature and to help you make the best start possible.

Make a successful start to candidature by

Attending Orientation

The Graduate Researchers’ Orientation welcomes PhD, Doctorate, Masters by Research and MPhil candidates who are new to the University of Melbourne or a graduate research degree.

Orientation will cover important topics such as:

  • Thesis writing
  • Graduate research advocacy
  • Candidature administration
  • Maintaining wellbeing
  • Research training and professional development opportunities.

Details of upcoming Orientation sessions

Want to get oriented before the next Orientation session? You can access recordings of past sessions in the Grad Space community in the Learning Management System.

Joining the induction in your graduate school or department

In addition to orientation, you must attend an induction into your graduate school or department:

  • Be introduced to your local workspace, facilities, support team and colleagues
  • Learn about relevant procedures, health and safety practices and training and research practices
  • Become aware of research and professional development opportunities
  • Get involved in your academic community.

Completing the Supervisory Agreement

The Supervisory Agreement outlines expectations for graduate researchers and their supervisors. This is a great opportunity for you to discuss and agree on supervision arrangements with your supervisors. The agreement should be downloaded and completed with your supervisors. Once the agreement is complete, it must be attached to your Commencement Form within the first six months of candidature. You should then review your supervisory agreement as needed throughout candidature. Your progress review meetings might be a good time to do this.

Completing the foundational safety and researcher training activities

Familiarising yourself with these graduate research policies and guidelines

Learning how to manage your candidature and develop your skills

Finding friends and staying well