Career planning

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There are many resources to help you explore your career options.

Professional careers

Your graduate research degree equips you with both general and specialised skills, preparing you for either professional or industry career futures.

The University's Careers Centre, along with the professional development for graduate researchers, provide you with resources to set you on the right path for a professional career or industry role, including putting you in touch with alumni who are working in professional fields. Your supervisors and advisory committee are another great resource for getting advice regarding professional careers, not just your academic future.

Check Careers and employability for a range of advice and links related to careers in industry and other professions.

Academic Careers

Most academic positions involve undertaking research and teaching in higher education. The University provides you with a number of opportunities to help set yourself up for an academic career.

The following programs are designed to help you prepare for a career in academia:

The Careers Centre also has useful advice and links that will help you to find out more about pursuing a career in academia.

Research Professional is a comprehensive database of national and international funding opportunities available to Australian researchers. The University's Research funding databases page also lists additional information on how to look for funding sources.

Career support services

You can access a range of supporting information and resources that help you plan your career, whether you want to pursue a career in industry, a professional career or one in academia.

Guides to assist you with job applications

Career fairs

Job opportunities within the University

Internships and placements

There are a number of opportunities for you to undertake internships and placements. These are a good way of getting experience in your field and building up your network of contacts for future job opportunities.

One such opportunity is the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Internship Program. The Internship Program is specifically designed to foster links between graduate research students and industry professionals.

To seek further information about internship opportunities:

For other opportunities, websites such as Graduate Opportunities and Grad Connection may be useful in researching and locating relevant internships and placements.

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