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Submitting an application for Study Away

Before you submit an application, ensure you have reviewed the About Study Away page and completed all necessary steps.

If you started a study away application, please click on the green button to return to the form:

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Application process

A study away application consists of the following steps from submission to approval

Step 1
Submit the 'Request to Study Away' form online
Step 2
Receive application confirmation email
Step 3
Form automatically forwarded for academic approval by supervisor and head of department
Step 4
Form forwarded to Academic Registrar for approval (if required)
Step 5
Receive system notification of application outcome

Technical help

Get technical help has a list of known technical issues, and how to continue with your application if a problem is encountered.

If you cannot see your technical issue in the list above, or if you are having issues with your username or password, contact Stop1.

Study away advice

If you have any general questions about study away, what should be included in the online 'Request to study away' form, or your degree details on the form are not correct, contact your local graduate research administrator.

What's next?

After my application is approved