My application is approved - what's next?

Before you leave

Now it’s time to get planning for the trip itself. Our to-do list below outlines the important tasks you need to complete before you travel.


In preparing to study away your pre-travel health check would have identified any vaccinations you need. You can book an appointment with a GP through the University Health Service if there are any you still need to get.

It is also recommended you have a general medical check-up in preparation for your travel.


The University offers free travel insurance to graduate researchers during periods of study away. For more details, please see the travel insurance page. You will be covered for any time you are on approved study away from the University of Melbourne including personal travel (subject to limitations) during the approved period.

You are not required to submit a separate application for travel insurance as eligible travel will be automatically covered if the study away request is approved.

Please be aware:

  • The University’s travel insurance policy will not apply if your research is being conducted within 100km of your usual place of residence
  • If you are conducting your research more than 100km from your usual place of residence, travel insurance is limited to 365 days for a single journey
  • Cover for medical expenses is not available where you are able to access a government-run medical benefit scheme, for example if you are travelling to a country of which you are a citizen and therefore are entitled to access the national health or medical system in that country.  Note this only applies to medical expenses; other coverage for costs such as lost or delayed baggage or travel disruption is still available in such circumstances
  • Exclusions for COVID-19 may apply
  • There may be further limits on insurance coverage including personal accident and public and products liability insurance.
  • If the University's travel insurance does not meet your needs, you must seek additional travel insurance elsewhere that suits you better.
  • You should review all insurance advice online and carry printed copies of relevant insurance documents, including your policy number and emergency contact details while travelling
  • If you are planning personal travel while on Study Away that is for a longer period than your research-related travel and/or is to a high-risk destination, travel insurance provided by the University will not cover you.
  • You can register for World Aware which provides 24/7 Security, Medical or Travel Assistance through the University’s insurer.

If you have any queries, check with the University’s Insurance Office via Stop 1.

Safely access systems and data

If you are studying online outside Australia, local laws or regulations may restrict, or in some cases prohibit the use of a Virtual Private Network {VPN). Before connecting to any University systems with a VPN you must check the regulations that apply in your location.

Information on research data management and remotely accessing VPN and University software is available.

If you are in a location where VPN access is restricted and need advice on accessing and managing your research data, contact the Research Computing Services team.

There may also be local laws and regulations prohibiting the use of social media or communication platforms. You should abide by all local laws when accessing information or communicating with University staff and students.

Business cards

University of Melbourne business cards may be granted if you're undertaking fieldwork or face to face interviews/surveys/consultation where you need to be formally identified as participating in a supervised activity of the University. If this applies to you please complete the application in advance of your travel.

Application for business cards

While you are away

Stay in touch with your supervisors

Regularly contacting your supervisor during your study away is important to keep them updated on your progress. It will also help the University to find you in an emergency.

If your itinerary/travel plans change

If there is a change in location, email your supervisor and graduate research administrator with the updated information as soon as possible.

If you are returning earlier than planned from your Study Away, contact your supervisor to let them know and submit your 'Request to Return from Study Away' online form.

If you need to extend your study away period, contact your local graduate research administrator to assist you in managing any extensions.  You may need to submit a new Study Away application.


In the unlikely event that you have an emergency situation while you are away, please contact the local emergency services in the first instance, as they will be able to provide immediate and on-ground support.

International emergency number: 112

Emergency assistance is also available through your insurance:

(Quote your policy: Students 02.PP.015907)

You should also contact your host institution, where applicable.

Once you are safe, please make contact with the graduate research administrator in your faculty and your supervisor as soon as possible.

When you are unable to reach either the graduate research administrator in your faculty or your supervisor please call the University of Melbourne emergency number: +61 3 8344 6666 and identify yourself as a University of Melbourne student on approved study away.

What's next?

Return from Study Away