Peer activities

Student clubs and societies

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) facilitates a wide range of graduate student groups. These groups are organised and run by your peers – why not join them? If you don't see a group relating to your interests or discipline, you can always start one yourself! Contact the GSA for more information.

The University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU) also has an extensive list of clubs and societies that you can join. These university-wide clubs are a great way to broaden your horizons, meet new people, and make the most out of your university experience.

Get involved in sports

Participating in Melbourne University Sport is a great way to get involved, get active and meet new people. They offer on-campus recreation, fitness and sport programs to suit everyone. Students receive great membership rates.

Check Melbourne University Sport for more information.

Indigenous students

Writing groups

Writing can be difficult. Joining a writing group can help maintain your motivation. Shut Up & Write! is a casual writing group that can help you to keep that word count climbing in a pleasant environment.

Ask at your graduate school for thesis writing retreats and other writing workshops.

Research symposiums and seminars

A number of graduate schools, departments and student societies hold graduate research seminars and symposiums throughout the year. These events are a fantastic opportunity to present your research and/or project to a supportive group of peers and guests.

Talk to your supervisors or graduate school for other opportunities in your area, or alternatively contact the different faculties or graduate schools for more information.

Volunteer in the graduate research community

There are many ways you can volunteer within your graduate research community and share your experiences. Graduate research volunteers can participate in community/youth outreach programs – ask your department or graduate school for more information.

You may also be interested in helping out at events such as Orientation. Being a host at a graduate research event is a great way to network, gain some events experience, help out and have fun!

Mentoring and peer support

There are a number of ways you can provide peer mentoring and buddy support to help other students while also studying for your degree. This can be an extremely positive experience for both you and those you support.

For more information for volunteering opportunities, see the UMSU Peer Support Program and Mentoring Program.

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