Managing difficulties or hardships during candidature

Are you experiencing difficulties or hardships during your candidature and you are not sure what to do about it or where to get help? This page may help you out.

Identifying issues and potential solutions

There's many different issues that can come up during your candidature. The University has a number of resources to help you identify problems and help you find solutions. This self-assessment includes some of the most common problems and includes real-life examples to help you find the answers.

I am on sick leave for most of my studies

Chronic conditions

Balancing life and studies

I don’t manage to work on my thesis every week

Procrastination and time management

I am busy doing other things and not working on my thesis

Procrastination and time management

I have all my research data but can’t seem to write up my chapters

Academic communication and writing

I have a diagnosed learning difficulty and I want to succeed in my studies

Chronic conditions

I feel that nothing I have written is right

Perfectionism and self-doubt

I find it hard to balance full-time study and other commitments

Balancing life and studies

I feel lonely and isolated when I’m working on my thesis

Academic isolation