Resolving problems

What is the process?

You can expect support and guidance from your graduate school. If problems arise, you should first talk to your supervisor, advisory committee, your graduate research coordinator, and then, if necessary, your department head.

Step 1
Talk to your supervisor
Step 2
Talk to the advisory committee
Step 3
Talk to your graduate research coordinator
Step 4
Talk to the department head

What if my problem still isn't resolved?

Very occasionally, some problems may not be so easily resolved. If you can't reach a satisfactory solution within your faculty or department, you may wish to seek additional advice. Other options independent of your faculty or department include:

If your problem cannot be resolved in this way, you can submit a formal complaint or grievance via the Melbourne Students and Learning website. Note that the formal process requires you to outline a history of the issue and your previous attempts to resolve it.

Who can I contact?

How do I make an appeal?

If you are unsatisfied by the outcome of a decision made by the University, you may wish to lodge an appeal to the Academic Board.

What if my supervisor isn't working out?

From time to time you may have a difference of opinion with your supervisors or not always get along. This is a normal part of any working relationship. However, if you feel that you are experiencing a problem which is out of the ordinary, you should first discuss your concerns with the chair of your advisory committee, or a graduate research administrator. If necessary, you may be able to change supervisors.

Step 1

Seek advice

Speak to the following people:
  1. Advisory committee
  2. Graduate research coordinator
  3. Student Union advocate
  4. Student adviser
  5. Academic staff member
Step 2

Consider the basis for your concern

Ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Is my concern reasonable?
  2. What kind of resolution am I seeking?
  3. What is the most appropriate action for me to take?
Step 3

Determine your next step

Decide what you're going to do
  1. Take no further action
  2. Informal resolution*
  3. Proceed to the grievance process

*An informal resolution is a step of the grievance process as per the policy and procedure for student grievances.

How can I change my supervisors?

If you have gone through this process and still feel your supervisor isn't working out for you can apply to change your current supervisors.

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