RefMan Slam – Whose Side Are You On?

Selecting a reference management program is a personal decision and there are many products available for researchers. A Researcher Connect Event

In this session we will compare three products supported by the UoM Library using a range of criteria. We will provide information about each program and address: institutional licenses and technical requirements; building and organising your library; writing your document; storage and backups; collaboration and sharing; networking; and support and resources. There will be time for questions at the end of the session.

Learning Outcomes

Gather information about each program and learn about:

  • institutional licenses and technical requirements
  • building and organizing your library
  • writing your document
  • storage and backups
  • collaboration and sharing
  • networking
  • support and resources

Presenters: Kristijan Causovski, Ruth McConchie and Wil Villareal