Advanced Neuroscience Workshop - Neural Computational Modelling

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Jessica Kennedy

Workshop dates proposed tentatively as Tuesday 8 October, Wednesday 9 October, Tuesday 15 October, and Wednesday 16 October.  However, days will be negotiated with students enrolled.

This workshop aims to introduce students to the mathematical approaches and computational tools used in computational modelling of neurons and neural systems.  Students will learn to use the simulation packages "Neuron" and "Nengo" while at the same time learning how to program with Python. Approaches used to model individual neurons will include rate-based and integrate-and-fire models through to Hodgkin-Huxley models.  Applications to different aspects of neuroscience will be examined including modelling of the effects of different channels and morphologies on a neuron's behaviour, and interactions of neurons in networks.  The use of spiking neurons to perform computation will also be explored.

Comprised of intermingled lectures and tutorials during 4 x 8 hour days (includes 1-2 hours of breaks per day; 1 day for biophysical modelling with Neuron, 1 day for cognitive modelling with Nengo).

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