Introduction to the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, the HASS DeVL project and the Tinker Workbench

Dulcie Hollyock Room, Ground floor, Baillieu Library


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Dr. Lyle Winton (Digital Scholarship)

T: 8344 4848

The HASS Data Enhanced Virtual Lab (HASS DEVL) is a national collaboration aiming to provide pathways for Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) researchers to access digital tools, data repositories and training support.

Tinker is a deliverable of the project, providing a single point of entry to common digital research tools, research-ready datasets and skills development services. This hybrid workshop will introduce attendees to the Digital Humanities and Social Sciences as a discipline, explaining the different areas and providing use cases of different projects.

Attendees will complete a tutorial using the Text Transcription and Text Analysis tools that are available through the Tinker Workbench.

Presenter: Lyle Winton